How do you ensure
your cover letter
demonstrates the requirements?

If ...

  • You have all the requirements and your application is still unsuccessful;
  • You're unsure of how to effectively present your information in a cover letter;
  • The online application leaves you wondering how to respond in the question boxes;
  • You don't how to write a cover letter or what to include;
  • The pre-selection process is a mystery and you want to make sure nothing is missing from your cover letter before it's submitted;

The e-book

"The five secrets of the
Cover letter"
is for you!
It is the most strategic tool for
opening the doors to
the Federal Public Service!

In fact, "The 5 secrets of a Cover Letter" has one goal: to get you through the first step of the pre-selection process.

With these 5 powerful secrets, you will learn to decipher a job advertisement then tailor your cover letter to precisely respond to all the required elements. You'll be better equipped to write a cover that really showcases your attributes and thoroughly convinces the hiring team to retain your application. Results: better understanding, greater efficiency, and fewer frustrations and delays.

With the arrival of a new staffing modernization act and the concept of creating qualified candidate pools, it is imperative to understand the process if you want to advance in your organization or pursue a career in the federal public service.

More than E-books,
It's personalized support...

Andrée Martineau is a Career Management Specialist with over 8 years of experience working with federal civil servants and has already applied for herself several times and won several appointments process before becoming a consultant in the field. She wrote this book as if she were on your side. She is convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and be pre-selected.

Andrée, your words are so much fun. They're motivating and make me want to re-read them. Your clear message gives me confidence and it's so nice to view my job search from this angle: "it should be fun, not a chore."

Jacinthe Cloutier
Officer Employment Assistance
Local Employment Québec Center
It is the most strategic tool
to move up
within the Federal Public Service!

"The 5 secrets of a Cover Letter" will enable you to:

Know when to use a cover letter and how to distinguish it from others:

  • Cover letter
  • Introduction letter
  • Promotional letter

Organize the documents that will help write the cover letter:

  • The job opportunity advertisement
  • The curriculum vitae already prepared for the job
  • Other examples of applications

Develop a strategy to refine your application:

  • Paragraph arrangement
  • Include units of measurement
  • Sample "T" style letter recognized by selection committees

Answer questions about a cover letter:

  • Number of required pages
  • Mistakes to avoid

"The 5 secrets of the cover letter for the Federal Public Service" is more than 50 pages of helpful advice, designed to complement "The three secrets of Federal public service resume". With these 2 books, you have everything you need to confidently apply to the federal public service!

Once your experiences are described by following the methods outlined in the Book, you'll be convinced your statements illustrate the job advertisement's required. The best part is that you'll be able to re-use these same statements when you apply for similar positions. You're building a database of statements that will be ready for you to use at any time!

And to be ABSOLUTELY certain this e-book answers all your questions, you will find in a bonus section at the end of the book covering :

  • 10 reasons to write a cover letter
  • List of mistakes to avoid
  • Self-evaluation grid to make sure that nothing is forgotten
  • 2 examples of a cover letter responding to a job opportunity advertisement
Validated and proven methods!
  1. The proposed method in this e-book is the same as that recommended in the individual sessions and the customer always passes the first screening stage (when candidates possess the qualification, of course).
  2. 2- Federal staffing specialists on endowment have validated the information found in this e-book on more than one occasion (Foreign affairs, CIDA, HRSDC).
  3. "The five secrets of the cover letter for the Federal Public Service" have been tested and put into practice by more than 1000 professionals in the last 5 years

PS: Warning - If you apply the secrets and advice contained in this e-book to a position for which you have all the requirements, be assured that your application will be retained and pass the pre-selection step. You will have no choice but to prepare for the exam or interview to come. So be sure to start your preparation as soon as you send your resume because you do not have much time to prepare yourself after you're called!

PS: The e-book "The 5 secrets of a Cover Letter" is part of the "Virtual Coaching Series" to apply for the federal public service.